Finding Confidence and Peace for

Pumping, Working Moms.

Combining BREASTFEEDING and PUMPING is not easy! Join us inside the Pumping for Working Moms Program to find the step-by-step guides and personalized support from pumping experts that you need.

  • Self-paced extensive curriculum
  • Get personal support and guidance from Allison and our team of IBCLC/Breast Pump Experts
  • Connect with other working moms just like you

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We hear you. Lactation Professionals contact us OFTEN asking for help understanding breast pumps, pumping, and keeping up with the rapidly changing breast pump market.

Allison Tolman LPN, IBCLC (New Little Life)


Jessica Anderson, IBCLC (Genuine Lactation)

are working together using breast pump science to create an extensive curriculum for lactation professionals so you can better serve your pumping clients.

The curriculum includes over 11 hours of pumping education designed specifically for lactation professionals. This is the most comprehensive training program currently available on pumping!

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Weekly videos on YouTube focused on breast pumps, pumping, and working moms.

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The New Little Life Podcast is available on any podcast platform and focuses on sharing breastfeeding and pumping stories from real moms and professionals.

Finding the right breast pump is overwhelming (and EXPENSIVE)! We've compiled a list of reviews and coupon codes to help you make an informed choice and SAVE MONEY!