Military Families – with New Little Life

As an Army spouse, I am familiar with the military lifestyle. I love to serve other military families and since it is not uncommon to have immediate family far away, I think that extra support during such a new and important time is a valuable service. I strive to find ways to make my services accessible and obtainable for those serving our country.

A few things that New Little Life offers to military families include:

  • Sliding scale pricing available for lower enlisted (single income) families.
    • E1-E3 receive 25% discount
    • E4-E5 receive 15% discount
  • Expecting mothers with a deployed partner may also be eligible for discounted services. I am very passionate about serving this population of the military and discounts can be discussed on a case by case basis. Please don’t let cost keep you from having support during your pregnancy and birth, especially if your partner is away.

Fort Sill Resources

On Post Services

-Nutrition and Lactation department on 2nd floor Reynolds

-WIC office located on 2nd floor of Reynolds

Tricare Basics for Pregnancy @ Fort Sill

*For full, accurate information on Tricare, please visit their website. The information below is based on my experience here at Fort Sill and is not set in stone but is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Typically with Tricare Prime, you are required to see the on post OB providers unless you are high risk and need a referral off post. Within the last year however, the OB department on post at Fort Sill has been closed down so all pregnant Tricare patients are being referred off post. So here at Fort Sill now, you don’t need to switch to standard to see a provider off post. You will go in for your first visit and pregnancy confirmation to the on post clinic, then they will send a referral to a physician in town. Currently there are no midwives practicing locally. There are some homebirth midwives that will service this area and a birth center in Wichita Falls that some choose to utilize but most are seeing a local provider.

You will likely be assigned to a random provider, but it has been my experience that a “quick” call to Tricare and you can switch to one of your choice if you have a preference. I’d be happy to provide personal or professional recommendations on providers based on the type of birth experience you’re looking for.

Switching to Tricare Standard will give you a little easier options for moving around to different providers but you will also have some copays. They are usually small, but that would be a question to ask a Tricare representative.

If you enroll your new baby on Tricare Prime, they will see the pediatricians here on post and will be randomly assigned to a PCM. Placing them on Standard will give you much more freedom to choose a provider of your choice in town, however you will have some copays.

–If you have new or differing information, please help me keep this updated and CONTACT ME HERE! 

**Last updated August 2017

Providers and Midwives

There are 2 different hospitals here in Lawton. There is a big clinic next to Comanche Hospital were many of the providers practice, and there are several independent providers that have offices scattered around. Comanche Hospital is the larger of the local hospitals, but both offer tours and classes. Here are few links to some of their websites.

MMG Gynecology and Obstetrics
102 NW 31st Street
Lawton, Oklahoma  73505

5602 SW Lee Blvd
Lawton, Oklahoma 73505
Main Phone Number: 580-531-4700


912 Burnett St
Wichita Falls, Texas 76301
(940) 285-5052
2121 W Main St
Norman, Oklahoma 73069
(405) 447-9433

General Military Resources

Military Birth Resources

Military Birth Resource Network – Find a doula, midwife, birth center, or other birth professionals who are part of the military or are experienced working with military families.

Breastfeeding in Combat Boots – For any Active duty or working moms who plan to breastfeed, this is a great resource.

Ordering a Breastpump

Did you know Tricare covers a breast pump! The process looks like this.

You will ask your provider for a prescription for a breast pump, usually sometime after 20 weeks or even postpartum. Most in town are familiar with how to do this but if they are not, you can find a form on Tricares website that you can take in to your doctor to fill out.

Then you can take your Rx to a local shop or order online. My favorite place is The BreastFeeding Shop and Baby Pavilion . They have a very fast turn around and are easy to work with. There are a few different pump options and I’d be happy to help you find the one right for you. I’ve also done a comparison video on Medela vs. Spectra if you’d like information on these 2 options.

Even if you do not plan to go to work after baby comes, take advantage of this service and have a pump at home! It gives you flexibility to build a stash and have some freedom to feed in different ways. I’d love to talk with you about breastfeeding, pumping, and more – Find information HERE.

Military Breastfeeding Rules and Regulations

Breastfeeding for the Military Mother